Senya first began out of necessity. Over the past 15 years of her practice, Dr. Leah noticed a dramatic increase in what she refers to as the “Fight or Flight” epidemic. She is seeing a growing number of patients in a chronic state of stress. Initially she would see mostly men in this state, but now women and even infants are coming into her practice in a chronic state of stress.

When we live in a chronic state of stress, our entire body physiology is altered in order to protect us from a perceived “threat.” While this response is helpful in the short term (ex. being chased by a bear) is it not meant to be activated in the long term. If you notice animals in the wild, they are only in fight or flight mode when necessary, then they immediately return to rest mode. Humans, however, remain in this chronic state of fight or flight in response to stressors at work, in relationships, or related to finances, for example. The problem is, the human body is unable to distinguish a real threat (that bear) from a perceived threat (the deadline at work.) Eventually, the body and mind will break down, resulting in inflammatory conditions, infertility, and other dis-ease within the body. All of these conditions are exacerbated by, if not solely caused by stress and stress alone.

For the sake of humanity as a whole, Senya was created to mitigate the stress response and make love, purpose, and balance valued above all else.



More people than ever are walking around in a constant state of stress. At Senya, our mission is to empower people with the knowledge and tools to honor their needs and truly care for themselves, which will enable them to better serve the world.  



To create a shift in global consciousness so that love, purpose, and balance are valued above all else.